Concrete Treatment Services

Just like any other surface, concrete requires its own preventative treatment to maintain its natural gloss and beauty. We use safe, non-abrasive methods to reduce the presence of fading, wear-and-tear and other signs of surface damage. After our Concrete Treatment Services; cracks, gaps, grime, dirt and uneven surfaces are a thing of the past.

Domestic Concrete Treatment

From kitchen countertops, to driveways and walkways – we restore all kinds of surfaces around the home.

We use a combination of grinding, honing and polishing techniques to achieve the right finish for your surface. Due to the varying quality of each concrete surface, we take a personalised approach to suit your needs.

Our diamond cutting equipment is extremely precise and can achieve different surface finishes – depending on your preferences. You can choose to have a bold, matte finish for your garage or driveway. Or a brilliant shine to enhance the look of your tiled kitchen and dining area!

Our Concrete Treatment Services are safe and guaranteed to extend the lifespan of any surface. We encourage the use of preventative measures, which involves applying protectives coatings to eliminate any build-up of dirt, grime, mould and reduce the effects of fading.

 Commercial Concrete Treatment

To prevent the risk of slips and falls, factory and warehouse floors need to be regularly maintained. With our preventative treatments, we provide long-term relief from potential accidents and insurance claims.

We treat concrete surfaces with epoxy coating, which increases the floor’s friction and provides resistance against corrosion, mould and dust mites. This makes it particularly beneficial for workers who are prone to allergen problems.

Our treatment methods are non-abrasive and safe to use in commercial and public environments. All chemical bonding agents are approved to meet Australian standards and are free of harmful toxins.

Give Your Concrete Surface a Unique Look

With our high-quality concrete stains and dyes – we can achieve a broad range of possible colours. Dull and worn-out surfaces are given new life. You’ll enjoy pleasant undertones that reveal new and intricate details, which can be contrasted with different colour shades and textures.

Our penetrating dyes and stains are ideal for use on any concrete surface.

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With our safe, non-abrasive treatment methods, we provide long-lasting protection against stains, cracks, gaps, fading, mould and dust mites. We enhance the natural beauty of your concrete surface with a sleek, updated look that’ll maintain their quality for many years to come.

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