Concrete Polishing Services

Cracks, splits, fading and corrosion are some of the many problems concrete floors can face. But with treatment from a professional restoration service, you can maintain the ‘like new’ quality of your concrete for many years. The Stone Restorer specialises in Concrete Polishing Services that remove unsightly damage and restore life into your investment.

Concrete polishing is best achieved with diamond cutting tools, which are capable of grinding away blemishes, stains, light coating and minor pits. There are different intensity levels of diamond cutting and each one produces a different look for your floor.

Whether you want a solid, matte finish for your kitchen – or the glossiest shine for your commercial or industrial shop – we can achieve the right look for any property.

Residential Concrete Polishing

More and more homeowners are discovering the low-maintenance benefits of concrete flooring. What was once reserved for garages, industrial or commercial premises, has begun appearing in your typical lounge room or kitchen area.

We perform dry polishing for residential properties, which is the quickest, cleanest and most effective treatment for your concrete surface. Our polishing equipment grinds away uneven surfaces, removes fading and the presence of corrosion.

Concrete sealer is typically applied to penetrate beneath the surface, which hardens and densifies the entire concrete floor. This is far more effective than topical coatings, since they only protect the outer surface and require regular applications to provide long-term protection.

Whether you need Concrete Repolishing for your kitchen, garage or living room – The Stone Restorer can instantly revive the shimmering quality of your floors.

 Commercial Concrete Polishing

Our commercial Concrete Polishing Services are designed to meet the highest industry standards. A consultation session will help you decide which level of gloss and exposure is right for your premise.

We work closely with property managers, architects, builders and business owners to understand their needs. We know every industry has their own priorities and obligations, which is why we take a personalised approach to every project.

A clear work schedule, deadline and budget is established before starting any work. Special care is taken to use the right products for the job… and with no shortcuts taken. Quality is always our No.1 priority!

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