Concrete Restoration Services

Is your concrete installation suffering from chips, cracks, fading or unbalancing? The Stone Restorer specialises in treatment for all kinds of concrete surfaces. Our non-disruptive Concrete Restoration Services are designed to restore the natural beauty of your concrete and maintain the value of your investment.

We provide the following services for domestic, commercial and industrial properties:

  • Concrete polishing
  • Crack, split and joint repairs
  • Concrete resurfacing and slab stabilisation
  • Anti-slip treatment
  • Waterproofing
  • Decorative concrete surfacing
  • Epoxy treatment
  • Protective coating applications

 Why Choose The Stone Restorer?

We use natural and non-abrasive chemical treatment to restore concrete surfaces. Our diamond cutting tools remove excess stains, chips and blemishes with ease – revealing a fresh new look beneath the surface. Different levels of finishing can be achieved, ranging from high glossy and reflective to a non-reflective matte finish.

Transparent concrete sealer is injected into the new layer, which hardens and solidifies the concrete’s foundation. This helps tighten the foundation’s bond and prevent moisture from penetrating beneath the surface.

Concrete polishing helps smoothen the newly treated surface and provides essential friction to reduce slipping. For industrial building like warehouses and factories, our anti-slip treatment maintains the highest level of safety for your workplace.

To offer peace of mind and maintain your investment, we apply chemical-resistant coating across your industrial flooring. This protects the surface from irreversible staining and harmful chemicals damaging the overall foundation.

Concrete Resurfacing

Uneven surfaces pose a serious risk to foot pedestrians and machinery. As part of our Concrete Restoration Services, we use diamond cutting tools or foam injection to correct uneven surfaces. These treatments are applied depending on the severity of your surface, which is closely analysed and inspected by a stone restoration specialist.

Ongoing Advice and Maintenance Support

There are many kinds of concrete surfaces that are affected by different factors, including their location, usage, temperature and weather conditions. That’s why we offer ongoing support in maintaining the quality of your concrete installation.

We offer you personalised support and advice in maintaining your concrete installation. There many domestic and commercial solutions available, which can be easily applied for additional protection against the elements. These solutions are long-lasting and help maintain the fantastic results achieved by a professional stone restorer. So you can save on costly repairs and treatment later on!

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