Concrete Scratch Removal

Keep Your Surface Looking Pristine With Our Concrete Scratch Removal Services

Imperfections are a natural part of your concrete surfaces’ natural character. However, scratching should not be one of them. Scratches produce unwanted side-effects like uneven surfaces, cracks, splitting and gaps. If left untreated, they could permanently damage the concrete’s foundation. Thankfully – professional concrete scratch removal services can save your investment.

Our Process

How do we achieve natural looking concrete?

Diamond cutting is a flexible, non-abrasive solution to removing imperfections from your concrete surface. Our diamond grits come in various types, which delivers different levels of glossiness for your floor, bench top, bathroom, outdoor area, commercial or industrial space.

We carefully assess the quality of your concrete and surrounding environment and use the right tools for the job. Whether you’re looking for a glossy sheen, or pure matte look – we create a personalised look for your premise.

Why We Use Sustainable Methods

Unlike store-bought chemical solutions offer a temporary solution to damaged surfaces, they don’t solve your foundation’s underlying problems.

When your concrete suffers from scratching, it leaves the surface exposed to penetration from moisture. This results in the foundation softening over time, which can lead to unevenness and the formation of cracks, gaps or splitting.

The use of natural stone has long been proven to deliver real results. Our concrete scratch removal services strips away unwanted surface damage and reveal a fresh, new layer beneath them. This process maintains your concrete’s natural beauty and keeps only the imperfections that enhance its look.

Ongoing Support And Maintenance Advice

While concrete is great for its low-maintenance benefits, there are many handy tips to preserve its natural qualities.

After we treat your concrete surface, we provide in-depth advice that’s specific to the quality of your concrete and its surrounding environment. These tips are easy to follow and require very little effort on your part.

By performing regular maintenance on your concrete surface, you’ll preserve the value of your property and enjoy its unique characteristics for much longer.

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