Granite Polishing Services

Granite Polishing Services

Granite Polishing Services and Other Treatment Methods

Are you looking to restore the natural beauty and shimmer of your granite surface? Our Granite Polishing Services cover all kinds of restoration methods including cleaning, grinding, sealing, honing and polishing. We enhance the quality of your stone by preserving its natural beauty and using sustainable techniques to maintain a long-lasting finish. With our honest, upfront quotes and experience with many kinds of stone – we guarantee a precise finish on your interior or exterior granite display.

Traditional Stone Masonry Techniques

When properly maintained and cared for, granite and other stones have the potential to last for up to 100 years. We perform Granite Treatment Services using precise polishing, cleaning and cutting techniques to enhance their natural beauty and produce a brilliant finish.

By using grinding and cutting tools made from real diamonds, we achieve smooth precision without generating high amounts of heat and potentially burning or cracking any surfaces. Our diamond tools are highly resistant to wear and tear, which allows them to produce a consistent finish on any stone material.

What about Vitrification or Crystallisation?

While these kind of treatments do produce a vibrant shine on most stone materials, their effect is only temporary and relies on using chemicals that prevent the stone from ‘breathing.’ Our Granite Treatment Services does not rely on chemicals and is designed to preserve the granite’s natural qualities.

Learn Basic Maintenance Skills

Not only do we service and restore your granite material, we advise you on how to maintain its pristine finish and reduce the effects of cracking, scarring, chips and stains. Our stone care methods are easy to follow and only need to be performed once per year. Plus, it’s a quick and simple way to maintain the value of your home or commercial property.

Protective Sealants and Stone Finishes

Stone sealants are an effective surface treatment, which prevents stains and corrosion building up on the surface material. These sealants are safe to use on all stone materials and adds a protective layer to any surface.

If you’re looking for a unique decorative finish on your granite display, we perform honing and other antiquing methods to maintain its aged qualities and characteristics.

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If you’re looking for Granite Polishing Service and restoration that provides long-lasting relief against stains, corrosion and scratching – our methods are proven to maintain and enhance almost any stone material.

Our services are available across NSW and we can visit your premise to fully inspect your granite display or installation. To book an appointment with us, call us on 0414 469 301 or email and we’ll arrange your next Granite Polishing Service or other restoration job.