Limestone Floor Restoration Services

Which of These Limestone Floor Restoration Services Do You Need Today?

The Stone Restorer is an experienced provider of limestone floor restoration services for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Our friendly and sustainable methods safely remove the presence of scratches, stains, blemishes, etchings, and corrosion. By using PH-neutral cleaning solutions and high quality diamond cutting tools, we preserve the natural ‘imperfections’ that give your limestone its timeless look.

Extra care is taken to protect your stone investment and the property it lies on. After our visit, the only evidence we leave behind is pristine looking limestone floors!

Let us restore your limestone surface back to its former glory. So, how can we help you today? 

Our Process

A stone consultation session will reveal the extent of damage or wear-and-tear to your limestone flooring. We assess the condition of your limestone and provide you with a tailored solution at a fixed price.

Depending on the condition of your limestone floor, we may employ one or more of the following restoration methods:

  • Grinding and honing
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning and resealing
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Tile repairs and replacements

Our limestone floor restoration services are completely safe. And your floor can be used straight away – no long waiting periods necessary.

We use diamond cutting tools designed to carefully cut away the presence of dirt, grime, scratches and blemishes. This reveals a fresh layer of natural stone and prepare the surface for an application of sealant.

A penetrative sealer is the most effective way to prevent debris, liquids and chemicals from setting below the surface. Our breathable sealer works hard to provide long-lasting relief from mess that typically spoils your day. Plus, they contain fungicides to prevent mould growth.

We use the latest polishing machines fitted with abrasive-free diamond cutting tools, which leave behind a matte, honed or glossy finish. This final touch restores the surface to its natural shine – even the dullest surfaces will look nearly brand new.

Ongoing Support

As part of your limestone floor restoration services, we provide comprehensive advice and support to preserve your stone surface. You’ll receive maintenance tips to keep your limestone surface free from stains, scratches, blemishes and etchings. Your limestone will preserve its natural look and continue to provide increasing value to your property for many years.

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