Limestone Floor Scratch Removal

Despite its tough and hardened appearance, limestone is actually very soft and porous.

When installed in areas with high levels of foot traffic, limestone can be easily scratched by sand, dirt, grime and grit. Even when installed in the home, otherwise harmless tasks like moving furniture can leave behind noticeable scratch marks.

So, what is the best solution for limestone floor scratch removal?

Why Not Use Household Products?

There are many household products on the market, which can remove the appearance of limestone scratches. Such as mineral oil, stone sealers, mild polishers and macro grit paper.

While some of these solutions will remove the appearance of minor scratches – they won’t solve the underlying problems deeper scratches can bring.

Deep scratches result in large porous gaps. This leaves the surface exposed to further penetration from moisture, dirt, grime, grit and chemicals. If not properly treated, the scratch could develop into serious splits, cracks or uneven terrain.

Plus, when treating limestone surfaces, the dosage and acidity of certain products can greatly alter the appearance of your floor.

Therefore, limestone floor scratch removal is best left to the professionals.

Professional Limestone Floor Scratch Removal

At The Stone Restorer, we’re highly experienced in scratch removal for all kinds of limestone surfaces. We have a deep understanding of the materials and characteristics used to create limestone.

And we know which treatments are most effective in the right circumstances.

We use the latest technology and machinery to restore your limestone floor. Our scratch removal techniques are 100 percent safe and will preserve the natural appearance of your floor.

After treating your surface, your limestone floor will be better protected against dirt, grime, grit and harsh chemicals.

Our commercial-grade sealers are designed to penetrate the surface and provide essential protection against all kinds of contaminants. We also use special diamond cutting and honing tools to leave behind a glossy, matte or reflective finish.

Why Choose The Stone Restorer?

At The Stone Restorer, we take the guesswork out of limestone floor scratch removal. With our friendly customer service, safe treatment methods and expert knowledge – your friends, family and customers will be amazed by the results.

Here are some of the many reasons to choose The Stone Restorer to solve your limestone scratching issues:

  • Preserve the natural appearance of your limestone floor
  • Safe and environmentally friendly treatments
  • Long-lasting protection against dirt, grime, grit and harsh chemicals
  • Expert advice on the best solutions to preserve your limestone floor
  • Tailored domestic and commercial solutions
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed! 

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