Limestone Floor Sealing

Limestone is a highly durable surface commonly found in residential and commercial scenarios including kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms; commercial lobbies and walkways, showrooms and entryways.

Despite its hardened exterior, limestone is highly porous and prone to lasting effects including staining, fracturing, cracking, chipping and fading. For this reason, it’s highly recommended your limestone is sealed by a professional limestone floor sealing service.

Benefits of Limestone Floor Sealing

By having your limestone professional sealed, you greatly enhance the appearance, durability and lasting value of your limestone floor.

  • Surface is much smoother
  • Protected against elements like dirt, grease, oil, contaminants and moisture
  • Highly glossy or matte finish for an impressionable appearance
  • Naturally reflective surface

Our Process

First, we use non-acidic cleaning solutions to remove any grease or stains from the surface. The surface is left to dry for several days before applying the sealant.

Once the surface is dry, we apply targeted dosages of the correct sealant among the limestone floor. We use specific penetrating solutions for the appropriate type of limestone. The sealant is then rubbed into the surface and left to dry, before removing excess moisture from the surface.

By carefully cleaning and preparing the surface, applying targeted doses of the correct protective sealant, and putting the finishing touches together – your limestone floor sealing will protect the surface from staining, chipping, cracking and fading.

Onsite Consultation

During the treatment of your limestone surface, we provide you with tailored advice and support.

Enjoy the lasting value of your limestone with proper guidance for treating your investment. We advise you on the most effective products and processes to keep your floor protected and looking fantastic for many years to come.

Best of all? It takes very little effort to keep your limestone floor looking stunning. 

Why Choose The Stone Restorer?

At The Stone Restorer, we provide a tailored service for the cleaning, sealant application and polishing of your limestone surface.

We are highly experienced in treating all kinds of limestone surfaces. We have a clear understanding of the equipment and processes required to perform specific sealing tasks.

Our methods are safe, environmentally-friendly and abrasive-free.

Have Any Questions?

Want to save yourself from the hassle of treating your own limestone surface? Get in touch with The Stone Restorer on 0414 469 301 or send your enquiry for more information about our limestone floor sealing services.