Limestone Floor Stain Removal

The Stone Restorer is your trusted provider of safe and non-intrusive limestone floor stain removal services. Advice and treatment from a professional stone expert will add years of value, life and beauty to your limestone floor.

What is Limestone Made From?

Limestone is made from sedimentary rock that is formed at the bottom of the ocean. Made from mostly calcium carbonite, the combination of heat and pressure result in a strong chemical reaction that forms what we recognise as limestone.

Common Causes of Stains

Foot traffic and uncleaned stains are the most common causes of damage to limestone surfaces. Limestone is highly porous and prone to the lasting effects of staining, scratching and chipping. These causes of damage result in discolouration and a dull or unsightly appearance.

Regular treatment from a qualified stone expert will help to preserve the smooth and glossy finish of your limestone floor. The natural qualities and textures will also appear more pronounced.

Our Abrasive-Free Solutions

To enhance the durability of a limestone surface, it’s essential the surface is cleaned and sealed the right impregnating sealer. These high performing solutions are low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which prevent the risk of being exposed to harmful vapours or gases. As water-based products, they provide maximum stain protection without affecting the slip resistance of the surface.

The Stone Restorer are highly experienced in limestone floor stain removal and sealing. We know how to choose the right sealant to match the properties and porous conditions of your limestone surface.

Treating the surface with a quality sealer is quick and easy – your surface will be ready to use in 4 hours or less!

To remove harsh stains, we use safe and non-acidic solutions that ‘lift’ stains from the surface. Our cleaning equipment and solutions are non-abrasive to the surface and can be used to treat a range of limestone floor types.

From oil to grease stains, chemicals and moistures – we provide a range of solutions for indoor and outdoor environments. If your limestone surface requires restoration or polishing, we can also enhance the surface with a matte or glossy finish to satisfy your personal taste.

Have Any Questions?

Call 0414 469 301 or fill out our online enquiry form to get free advice from a qualified stone expert. We’ll be happy to arrange an obligation-free appointment and provide a solution to your limestone floor stain removal concerns.