Limestone Floor Treatment Services

Why Choose Our Limestone Floor Treatment Services?

The Stone Restorer uses the safest, abrasive-free chemical and mechanical treatments to restore your limestone surface.

We understand limestone is highly porous and sensitive to acidic chemicals. We only use PH-neutral detergents and precise diamond cutting tools to treat your surface. Plus, we remove all excess dust and debris after the job is complete – the only evidence of our visit is a fantastic looking limestone floor!

We provide limestone floor treatment services for all domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

  • Diamond grinding and honing
  • Sealing and resealing
  • Surface polishing
  • Tile repairs and replacements
  • Tiles and grout cleaning
  • FREE consultation and quote

How We Safely Treat Limestone Surfaces

Protective sealer is the most effective way of preventing dirt, grime, rain, spills and debris from penetrating beneath the surface.

We use a breathable sealer to fill in the natural pores of the limestone surface. This prevents moisture and common spills from penetrating the surface and weakening its structural core. Plus, the sealer has fungicides that prevent mould from growing.

Due to limestone’s adverse reaction to acidic solutions, we only use PH-neutral detergents to clean the surface. These substances allow the surface to be cleaned without the risk of discolouration, blemishing or staining.

As part of your limestone floor treatment services, we use a range of mechanical solutions to refine your surface. Grinding is most suitable for major resurfacing and removing scratches or lippage. Honing is a softer approach that smoothens out the surface and leaves behind a scratch-free surface.

Finally, we use a high diamond grit to restore the limestone’s naturally sleek and polished look.

Ongoing Advice and Support

We provide you with advice and support to maintain the longevity of your limestone surface. You’ll receive advice to keep your surface looking pristine and the safest products to use for minor touch ups.

You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to look after your limestone surface for longer. So, you can avoid paying for expensive restoration work later on.

Request a FREE Consultation for Limestone Floor Treatment Services

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