Marble Floor Treatment Services

Marble Floor Treatment Services

While considered one of the most elegant flooring options around, marble surfaces are prone to damage caused by high levels of traffic, spills and moisture. We provide comprehensive Marble Floor Treatment Services for all residential and commercial properties, in order to maintain their pristine quality, prevent slip hazards and reduce the effect of chips, cracks and other surface damage.

We use high quality grinding and cutting tools made from real diamonds, which are highly resistant to changes in shape (even after extensive work) and offers maximum precision. Due to their long lifespan and low level of heat generated, this keeps maintenance costs down and produces a consistent finish every time. Our processes are also totally dust free.

Marble Floor Polishing

By polishing each individual surface, your marble floor produces a glossy finish that’s emphasized by its unique colour combination and floor markings. And for commercial buildings that experience high levels of traffic, our honing treatment delivers a smoother and more refined finish, which allows the surface to endure wear and tear from everyday use.

Marble Floor Restoration

Our treatment methods are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your marble floor, without relying on harmful chemicals or a temporary coating to mask the effects of damage. We perform manual grinding and honing on each marble surface to improve their reflective quality and level of clarity.

These Marble Floor Treatment Services not only provide long-lasting protection for your floor – thanks to their self-sustaining qualities, maintenance work can be done less often and at a more affordable cost.

Scratch Removal

To remove scratches, etches line marks and other surface damage, we thoroughly clean the floor and use techniques employing the latest in diamond abrasives to remove the damage. We then polish and buff the area to leave behind a beautiful, pristine shine.

Sealant for an Enhanced Protective Layer

For maintaining the quality of your marble floor, we apply sealants over each tile to protect it from surface stains and water damage. The solution achieves this by penetrating the surface and forming a strong chemical bond, which creates an effective oil and water barrier.

Removing Those Tough Stains

When dealing with tough stains, marble is particularly vulnerable to moisture and acidic content penetrating through the surface. We use special cleaning agents, to encourage chemical reactions that help lift stains and make them easy to remove.

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By using treatments that provide long-lasting protection against common ailments such as surface stains, cracks, chips and more – your marble floor will maintain its brilliant shine and clarity for many years to come.

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