Marble Floor Polishing Services

Marble Floor Polishing Services

Marble Floor Polishing Services

While performing cutting and grinding is essential to restoring the quality of your marble floor, the job is never quite complete until some polishing has been done. Polishing is usually the final touch to any restoration service, as it enhances the colour and vibrancy of the newly honed surface. To achieve this, our Marble Floor Polishing Services involve using diamond restoration methods, which are proven to restore the surfaces natural look and help maintain their brilliant clarity.

Selective Treatment for the Right Surface

Marble floors come in a variety of styles, textures and colour combinations; which means no two surfaces are ever alike. Due to their complex nature and mix of different mineral impurities, marble floors are particular vulnerable to moisture damage and acidic content.

These factors greatly determine how we treat each marble surface and it influences how pronounced the final product looks. We carefully assess the quality and overall condition of your marble flooring, so you receive the best looking results after the job is complete.

Preparing the Final Touches

Before any Marble Floor Repolishing can happen, we perform a thorough grinding over the entire surface area. Scratches, line marks, moisture damage are all removed using abrasive diamond material. This gives us a fresh foundation to work with and ensures no visible signs of damage are present before polishing starts.

Natural and Proven Polishing Treatment

To give your marble floor a fresh new look, we complete the restoration process by applying an abrasive compound material onto the surface. By using manual polishing methods, our Marble Floor Polishing Services achieve a natural, long-lasting shine that recaptures the brilliance of its original condition.

It’s these results that re-affirm our belief in using natural methods. While other services may promote vitrification or crystallisation, these processes require using harsh chemicals and they only offer a temporary ‘shine,’ which does little to solve underlying surface issues and may hinder the marble’s ability to sustain its own natural, glistening qualities.

Professional Advice and Ongoing Support

Not only do we clean, restore and polish your marble flooring – we offer expert advice on how to maintain its long-lasting brilliance. We provide you with information about preventative measures and the kinds of products suitable for your surface. Our solutions are easy to perform and – depending on the quality of your marble flooring – typically only needs to done every few years.

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We provide a comprehensive range of solutions for your marble floor and take a personalised approach with every project. We take great pride in our work and strive to maintain the natural beauty of each stone. Our solutions are completely safe and non-toxic, which means your home or place of business can get back to normal after the work is complete.

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