Marble Floor Restoration Services

Marble Floor Restoration Services

We are the experts in Marble Floor Restoration Services

With a marble flooring installation, you want to maintain the materials natural qualities and structural integrity. Our Marble Floor Restoration Services cover all treatments such as diamond grinding, honing, polishing and maintenance. We provide a complete solution that’s long-lasting and guaranteed to sustain the life of your marble flooring. By taking a natural approach to the restoration process, your floors will sustain their reflective nature and produce a brilliant shine every day.

Cleaning and Grinding

We perform an initial assessment of the surface area and identify any scratches, water damage, dirt, grime, sealant breakdowns and etching. All surface ailments are properly cleaned first before removal, which gives us a residue-free base to perform grinding work on.

Our diamond grinding tools produce the smoothest finish on your marble floor and removes any presence of scratches, chips and marks. This method also evens out the surface and results in a more balanced series of tiles.

Honing and Polishing

To enhance the look of the newly grinded flooring, our Marble Floor Restoration Services continue the hands-on approach by using diamond abrasive material to achieve an even glossier natural shine. The honing machine features a grooved surface that cuts away precise fibres and smoothens the surface to an ever finer degree.

We then perform a complete polish over the entire marble flooring and apply sealant, which not only ensures a consistently glossy finish – but protects tiles from dirt, grime and other particles penetrating beneath the surface. Our polishing methods are guaranteed to last for up to 5 years or more and is far more efficient than other techniques being used.

Repairing and Replacing Uneven Tiles

Marble floors that are improperly installed may have uneven or loose tiles. This interrupts the natural flow of your living or work space and diminishes the elegant nature of its design. We first inspect each tile and decide whether they’re salvageable, then we perform a series of repair tasks to restore the tiles back to their original quality.

If we need to replace any uneven tiles, we remove them and install brand new ones for you. This restores balance and consistency to your marble flooring, while keeping your family, customers and employees safe from dangerously uneven surfaces.

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We’re committed to sustaining the natural beauty and vibrancy of your marble floor display. Our restoration services rely on natural, proven techniques that produce consistent results and enhances the natural look of any marble flooring.

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