Marble Floor Scratch Removal Services

Marble Floor Scratch Removal Services

Marble Floor Scratch Removal

Is your marble floor suffering from unsightly cracks, chips or scratches? We perform Marble Floor Scratch Removal Services for a range of residential and commercial properties. Our hands-on approach restores the natural beauty of your flooring and provides long-lasting protection against potential surface damage. We carefully assess the unique characteristics of your marble surface and use proven methods to deliver the perfect finish.

Increase the Value of your Home

Marble flooring is a great investment for any household. It gives your living space a touch of elegance and style, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also vital in increasing the value of your property. By using advanced diamond cutting and grinding equipment we remove any signs of scratches, chips, marks and other unwanted surface damage. This gives the surface a renewed look and enhances its natural textures.

When working in your home, we respect your privacy and take special care in protecting your personal belongings. All debris, material and equipment is removed before completing any project, so your property looks exactly as it did before we started. The only evidence we leave behind is a freshly cleaned and polished marble surface!

A Renewed Marble Floor for your Commercial Business

Make a lasting impression with your clients and customers by creating a fresh look for your business. We provide Marble Floor Scratch Removal Services for all kinds of commercial properties, including:

  • Retail shops
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and Cafés
  • Shopping centres
  • Commercial bathrooms

We consult property owners on the most effective solutions for their business needs and establish a clear work schedule. Our upfront pricing ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for and the services your marble floor will receive. We ensure our work doesn’t interfere with your business and we take necessary precautions to maintain a safe environment for your staff, clients and customers.

Only the Most Effective Scratch Removal Methods

To maintain the quality and structural integrity of your marble flooring, we use diamond cutting and grinding equipment to refine each surface. Their abrasive material is ideal for performing precise alterations and fixing damage above and below the marble surface. We have years of professional experience using these devices and know how to work around different kinds of marble floor installations.

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Are you tired of seeing your property investment slowly lose its value? To restore your marble flooring back to its pristine quality, enquire about our Marble Floor Scratch Removal Services by calling 0414 469 301 or emailing You can also request a FREE quote from us by filling out our online contact form here. Just send us some basic information about your project and we’ll provide you with a cost estimation for our services.