Marble Floor Stain Removal Services

Marble Floor Stain Removal Services

Despite what you see and feel on the surface, marble flooring is prone to damage caused by stains, dirt, grime and moisture – all of which can easily penetrate beneath the surface. Without proper care and treatment, your once blossoming investment could be slowly deteriorating in quality without you even realising it. We offer comprehensive Marble Floor Stain Removal Services for all types of commercial and residential properties. Whether your surface has become stained due to: oil, paint, rust, tea, coffee, moss or fungi; we have a range of solutions to eliminate any signs of damage.

Expert Knowledge on all Marble Surfaces

With our years of experience in marble stain removal, we understand how different finishes and materials can influence the restoration process. Each stone is unique and made with different levels of porosity, which allows stains to go ‘in-between’ the gaps and delve beneath the surface. If the wrong product is used, it could compromise the marble’s self-sustaining qualities and further degrade its materials.

Chemical Cleaning

By understanding the complex nature of stones and their build quality, we choose the right product for the right job. When dealing with condensed oil or grease spills, we use strong cleaning detergents that are safe to use on the appropriate surface. While liquid spills and moisture build-up are often treated with a more pH-neutral balance of chemicals. Our Marble Floor Stain Removal Services cover everything that’s needed to restore your marble flooring to its pristine quality.

Advanced Diamond Grinding for a Perfect Finish

To tackle the most serious stains, we use grinding equipment to resurface and remove the presence of stains. These tools are made from abrasive diamond material, which is proven to safely remove surface damage without compromising the material itself. All signs of scratches, dents, line marks and moisture are cleared away to reveal a fresh new layer, which is then cleaned and polished to achieve a smooth finish.

Cleaning Outdoor Installations

Outdoor marble surfaces are often damaged by external factors such as moss, fungi, moisture, the sun and mould. To remove these stains, we use high pressure cleaning across the entire surface to loosen these materials, which is polished and re-sealed for added protection against the harsh elements.

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