Sandstone Polishing Services

Tired of Dull and Faded Sandstone? Have it Restored the Natural Way

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of natural sand minerals and rock grains such as calcite, quartz, gypsum, and iron compounds.

Sandstone comes in a range of colours including yellow, tan, brown, red, pink, grey and white. It has a soft and granular texture that varies in porosity depending on the mix natural materials.

Due to its porous nature, sandstone can absorb large amounts of moisture and stain easily. Proper sandstone restoration and polishing services should be done often to maintain its natural charm, texture and defence against the harsh elements.

Our Services

At The Stone Restorer, we specialise in tile restoration for all species of sandstone in any environment.

Our restoration methods are sustainable, non-abrasive and will preserve the natural charm that makes your sandstone the centrepiece of your property. We use advanced diamond cutting tools and non-toxic products to rejuvenate the surface and produce a finish to your exact specifications.

Not only do we refine the surface, but we apply specially formulated water-based sealers to form a protective barrier – thus protecting the surface from chipping, staining, scratching and fracturing.

Sandstone Polishing

Is your sandstone starting to look dull and faded?

For a smooth and reflective finish, we use high speed sandstone polishing machines to service your sandstone. Our sustainable techniques help to produce a brilliant shine that brings life back to your cherished sandstone.

Stone Consultation

The Stone Restorer is a leading tile restoration and maintenance company across Queensland and Northern Sydney. We have experience restoring and polishing many sandstone species’ and are happy to provide an obligation-free inspection.

During the treatment, you get more than a quick restoration job; we advise you on simple, cost-effective strategies to maintain the quality of your sandstone for the long-term.

By following natural and sustainable practices, your natural sandstone could last for several decades or even generations. Our time-tested methods will ensure peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing your landmark is properly cared for.

Why Choose The Stone Restorer

  • Sustainable, non-abrasive and time-tested restoration methods
  • Highly experienced stone technician
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting quality guaranteed
  • Obligation-free quotes

Treat Your Precious Sandstone

Want to rejuvenate the look of your surface with sandstone polishing services? Call 0414 469 301 or make an enquiry to give your sandstone the natural treatment it deserves.