Sandstone Scratch Removal

Sandstone Scratch Removal

Sandstone is a fantastic investment for your home. What better way to increase the value of your property than a timeless natural stone? With a soft under footing that’s ideal for heavy traffic, sandstone offers years of lasting performance and enjoyment.

Whether you’re installing for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living area; sandstone is highly versatile in any living condition. And with so many colours to choose from, it’s easy to incorporate into your existing décor.

About Sandstone

Despite its tough appearance, sandstone is actually quite soft and porous.

Its fragile nature is what makes sandstone so appealing. Over time, it’s common for sandstone to produce a few minor scratches or defects, which ultimately forms its natural charm and character.

But after a few years, these defects cause the surface to become dull, faded and lifeless.

Is Your Sandstone Scratched?

If these surface defects are leaving you feeling blue, don’t worry!

There are ways to remove sandstone scratches without affecting the natural look and feel of the surface. In fact, many light scratches only affect the sealant applied onto the surface, not the actual sandstone itself.

At The Stone Restorer, we can restore the natural charm and reflective sheen of your natural sandstone. We understand your investment is precious, so we use safe and non-intrusive methods to fix the problem.

We Can Help

The Stone Restorer is highly skilled in sandstones restoration for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

We use expert knowledge and experience to analyse the surface and devise a custom treatment plan to produce the best results. Before starting any work, you get an honest evaluation and obligation-free quote to help you make an informed decision.

Our efforts go further than just ‘cleaning’ the surface. We apply specialist techniques to remove scratches and restore the reflective finish based on your personal tastes.

With an upbeat attitude, we make the scratch removal process easy and stress-free. You can relax knowing your sandstone is being treated by professionals who understand the correct procedure for any scenario.

Why Choose The Stone Restorer

  • Obligation-free appraisals
  • Honest and upfront pricing
  • Safe and effective scratch removal
  • Ongoing support

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Is your sandstone starting to appear dull, faded and lifeless? Restore the charm and character to your surface with sandstone scratch removal.

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