Sandstone Sealing

Sandstone is a stylish and practical addition to any indoor or outdoor living space.

This versatile material can be used for domestic and commercial purposes such as flooring, statues, buildings and pavement. Due to the weathering process, sandstone comes in a range of colours and textures that can be mixed-and-matched to provide a distinctive touch.

At The Stone Restorer, we can provide a quality sealing service for any kind of natural sandstone. With years of experience in sandstone maintenance and restoration, you can be confident our knowledge and skills will provide the perfect finish for your natural stone.

Why Seal Sandstone?

Although sandstone is versatile, the surface is quite porous and must be treated with care to preserve its honed or polished appearance. This means sandstone is prone to damage from stains and foot traffic wear that can cause yellowing, fading, chipping and cracking.

Sandstone Sealer is an effective way to prevent liquid, chemicals and other contaminants from damaging the sandstone surface. It’s ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic such as the living space, garage or driveway.

The Stone Restorer can increase the lifespan of your natural stone with proven restoration techniques.

How to Treat Sandstone

As sandstone must be allowed to breathe, a coating or impregnating sealer can be used to protect the surface from damage while still letting it breathe.

How do these work?

The coating sits on top of the surface to form a protective barrier between the surface and the earth below. This is a simple and cost-effective way to protect the entire surface, but it does need to be re-applied often and may alter the sandstone’s appearance.

An impregnator penetrates the surface to fill the void between the individual grains. By seeping into the surface itself, it sticks to the particles and forms a durable barrier that still allows the natural stone to breathe.

The Stone Restorer specialises in both forms of sandstone sealing. With an initial stone consultation, you get feedback on the condition of the surface and how we can effectively treat the surface.

  • Applied by a Stone Restorer specialist
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Does not affect slip-resistance
  • Can be clear and colourless or colour-enhanced
  • Resistant to yellowing caused by harsh UV lighting

The Stone Restorer Difference

Save time on natural stone maintenance with help from The Stone Restorer.

With direct access to the affected area, the treatment can usually be done in 3 to 4 hours. Most surfaces are ready to use after 24 hours, but you’ll be notified if the surface needs more time to recover.

The Stone Restorer uses safe and eco-friendly sealants that won’t change the appearance of the sandstone. Each solution offers a high level of protection from stains and foot traffic wear that greatly improves its lifespan.

If desired we can apply a colour-enhanced sealant to give the living space a brand new twist. You can also choose a honed, polished or high-glossy finish to suit your personal taste.

Request a Stone Consultation

The Stone Restorer is your No.1 choice for sandstone sealing and restoration.

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