Sandstone Treatment Services

Sandstone Treatment and Services

Made from sedimentary sock composed of quartz and feldspar, sandstone is a soft and porous surface found on driveways, pathways and architecture structures.

Sandstone is prone to staining and dirt, grime and mould getting into the tiny crevices.

Regular cleaning by a professional sandstone treatment service is the key to preserving its natural colour and vibrancy.

However, it’s important to avoid services that promote ‘high pressure washing’ to treat sandstone. This can cause the surface to absorb excessive amounts of moisture, thus, resulting in staining and rapid erosion.

What We Do

The Stone Restorer improves the look and durability of sandstone with eco-friendly and non-abrasive methods.

There are two kind of treatments we use depending on the condition of the sandstone:

Surface Stains, Dirt and Mould: Hot water dispersed at low pressure can remove all kinds of contaminants from the surface. We use special equipment to disperse a consistent flow of water and reduce the risk of damaging the surface. If necessary, we may use a microfiber mop or cloth to ‘lift’ grime from the surface.

Ingrained Dirt, Mould and Grime: If the surface is sealed and the condition is serious, we use special stone cleaner to penetrate the surface and scrub the surface with a soft broom or brush. This lifts the contaminants from the surface, which is cleaned then rinsed with fresh cold water.

 Residential Services

Sandstone is popular among homeowners and commonly used for driveways, walkways, entry steps, garden edging, pier caps, swimming pool copings and columns.

Is your once bold statement losing its edge?

Let us restore the clarity of your sandstone with a treatment service that’s safe and long-lasting. Treating your sandstone takes less than a few hours. And the surface is dried on the same day to prevent erosion.

No disruption to your day, no fuss – all at a very reasonable cost to you.

 Better Looking Businesses

The Stone Restorer is highly experienced in treating sandstone in all kinds of different commercial applications.

We use time-tested restoration techniques to improve the look and durability of your sandstone.

Any mould, dirt or grime disrupting the look of your business is swiftly cleaned, rinsed and dried. Whether you have a pathway riddled with mud and grime, or a wall stained from constant rainfall – we offer comprehensive advice and a tailored solution for any scenario.

By using sustainable methods, your sandstone will be more durable against the elements, and preserve its pristine look for longer.

  • Retail Stores
  • Commercial Offices
  • Restaurants, Clubs, Bars and Cafes
  • Local Council Buildings
  • Schools, Universities and Libraries
  • Strata Properties
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Plants
  • And much more…

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